About Knucklehead

What we do and How we do it

Knucklehead is a London-based production company that officially opened it’s US office in 2015. Known for producing beautifully crafted work of the very highest standards. We make commercials, on-line films, music videos, documentaries - anything that requires a highly creative execution and faultless production. We've won countless awards and we work literally all over the world for clients and agencies in every market.

In the U.S. we represent a small hand-picked roster of 14 Directors, including the Oscar-nominated Daniel Barber, Joe Roman, Siri Bunford, Charlie Crane, The Dempseys, and Ben Gregor, all of whom are chosen for their acknowledged worldwide standing in the Commercials industry.

Our client list speaks for itself, with work for most of the world's major brands including Adidas, Army, Audi, British Airways, BMW, Dunlop, Eurostar, Fifa, Ford, Honda, Infinity, JC Penney, Johnnie Walker, Lexus, Lincoln, L’Oreal, Marks & Spencer, Mercedes, Nike, Nintendo, Nissan, Nivea, Olay, Orange, P&O, Puma, Saab, Santander, SAP, Stella Artois, T-Mobile, Toyota, Vodafone and Waitrose.

Led by Cathleen Kisich in the states and Matthew Brown and Tim Katz in the UK, the team at Knucklehead know the production business inside out, try to enjoy themselves whenever possible and like to be known for making great work and being nice people.