We are thrilled to announce the signing of French director Thibaut Grevet to our US roster! 

Grevet grew up immersed in the beautiful French countryside with a passion for outdoor sports. It wasn’t until he started filming his mountain bike rides with his mother’s VHS camera that he realized film was his calling. That feeling of fresh air, open landscapes and pastoral surroundings planted root and went on to inspire the highly cinematic and visual aesthetic in his work today.

Quickly after getting his Graphic Design degree from Superior School of Publicity, Grevet began making a name for himself in the ad world while simultaneously creating extreme sport blog The Diggest – which went so well that it created a gateway for Grevet to bring his directing talent directly to clients such as Vans and Monster Energy, which went on to garner much praise.    

It wasn’t long before Grevet was racking up global recognition and booking projects for the likes of Apple, Sansnom and GMX to name a few. His most recently accomplishment was taking home a 2016 YDA for his Sage “August In Paris” Music Video.

He brings with him an incredible eye and moving, sometimes haunting imagery that hugely compliments the existing talent on the roster. We can't wait to see what he does next. 

But don't take our word for it, peep his work here