Knucklehead spent a whole month out east with Siri Bunford at the helm with Wieden & Kennedy Shanghai to shoot the newly launched Nike campaign for China.

The job took us on a journey through Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and Taiyuan (a small town close to the Mongolian border) to shoot Nike Greater China's latest "Just Do It" campaign

The campaign, dubbed "Let the Run Tell You Why," includes an innovative interactive film titled "The Run", which links through to five documentaries telling the stories of runners featured in the film who've embraced life-changing experiences through the sport. One such runner is "Mr Sun", a 74-year-old who has been running marathons for the past 20 years. This year, he was told he's too old and denied entry. He ran anyway, under someone else's name. He remains a persistent runner and pushes the limits of the human body. Another is Inti, a blind runner, who lost her sight at 16. Running changed Inti's life and for her it makes her black vision brighter.

One of Knucklehead's favourite campaigns this year, we hope you enjoy watching the films as much as we enjoyed making them. You can watch the films here, and see a few behind the scenes shots here.