Director Markus Lundqvist has created a stunning ode to Scandinavian folktale in this video for Marina and the Diamonds new track ‘I’m a Ruin’.

Shot on the volcanic island of Lanzarote, Lundqvist manages to create a desolate yet beautiful world.  Marina emerges from the landscape as illuminations reminiscent of’ the Northern Lights fill the sky behind her. She is then drawn towards the water before being enveloped by jellyfish like sea creatures.

On working with Marina, Lundqvist said, ‘she was wonderful to work with. A real hard worker. We worked for 32 hours straight and she just got stuck right in, even in freezing cold water.' 

The track is taken from her third album ‘Froot’ released on Universal. It’ll see one track released every month until April 6 when the album goes on sale. 

Make sure to watch it here.