Charlie Crane has just wrapped photography on his short film, Talgar the Eagle Hunter.

Shot on location in Kyrgyzstan, the film is a contemporary road movie which tells the story of a Kyrgyz Hunter and his prized Eagle as they travel the length of the country to take part in an up-coming hunting competition.

With a fully Kyrgyz cast and a skeleton international and Kyrgyz crew, the 6 day shoot was predictably challenging, not least as it involved the producer, Archie Hollway, having to eat a boiled sheep’s eye at a banquet thrown in the crew’s honour.

With Charlie’s incredible eye for composition, a compelling performance from Talgar a real-life hunter, and a backdrop of locations that are unique in never having been shot before, we’re incredibly excited to see the finished film. Watch this space for details, check out the instagram feed here and some more photos from the shoot here